FireFly Cinema Club runs on limited spaces as an event to create memorable experiences for all. Once an event fills up, we stop advertising for it so it’s very important to us that our attendees make sure they have the time to go for the event as we reserve a space for them. You can cancel a spot for the outdoor cinema as long as it is fourteen days before the showcase. Any longer than this and we will still have to resume the space for yourself. 

We will not tolerate any disruptive behaviour or drug abuse on-site and may ask you to leave if we feel you are continuously shouting throughout the movie or purposely entering other people’s bubble or space. If we ask you to leave midway through the movie due to disruptive behaviour you will not be receiving any of the finance back for the tickets purchased. Please treat our outdoor cinema with respect.


Littering on-site will also not be tolerated. If we see this, a staff member may need to give you a warning. After this warning, if you were to then litter again, we may ask you to leave. Again, we would not give any finance back if you were told to leave for this kind of behaviour.

If there is an issue with the night you can always email us by using the contact form on our website. Our main aim is to create memories and we can do this by putting these terms and conditions in place for the safety of everyone attending the event. 

Due to the event a drive-in we are not liable of any potential car crashes or car damage during an event. You park, drive into the drive-in and leave the drive-in at your own risk.

The sound for the events is played through FM, so please make sure that your car is able to tune into FM stations, we will give you an FM frequency as you drive into the event, any issues please let us know either in advance or on the night to avoid disappointment. 

Refund Policy 

We at FireFly aim to give you the best experience possible at all of our cinema events and strive to give the best of our product at all times. If your experience at one of our events is not to your satisfaction or you require to cancel your ticketless that 7 days before the event our refund and cancellation policy is as follows:


We do not process our refunds or cancellations that are less than 7 days before the event through cash or card payments, instead, your purchase will be added to a store credit to be used for another Cinema event at a later date. If we are forced to cancel the show you have booked (for example; lockdowns, harsh weather conditions, technical errors) you'll be moved to the next best date for the Film you have booked. if you cancel your spot at one of our events more than 7 days before the event itself you will be able to claim your refund through cash or card payment.

We Apologise in advance for any issue this may cause.

Thank you

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